Frank Baker Net Worth

Frank Baker biography

Frank Baker is Independent Director of the Company. Mr. Baker joined our Board in February 2018 as part of the Siris Series A Preferred Stock transaction. Mr. Baker is a Managing Partner of Siris Capital Group, which he co-founded in 2011 and is a board member of all Siris Capital Group’s portfolio companies. Mr. Baker has an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a degree in Economics from the University of Chicago. Mr. Baker also serves as a trustee of the University of Chicago. Our Board believes Mr. Baker’s qualifications to sit on our Board include his extensive financial expertise and his years of experience providing strategic advisory services to complex organizations.

What is the salary of Frank Baker?

As the Independent Director of Synchronoss Technologies, the total compensation of Frank Baker at Synchronoss Technologies is $160,157. There are 11 executives at Synchronoss Technologies getting paid more, with Glenn Lurie having the highest compensation of $6,574,950.

How old is Frank Baker?

Frank Baker is 46, he’s been the Independent Director of Synchronoss Technologies since 2018. There are 14 older and no younger executives at Synchronoss Technologies. The oldest executive at Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. is William Cadogan, 70, who is the Independent Director.

What’s Frank Baker’s mailing address?

Frank’s mailing address filed with the SEC is 601 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA.

Insider trading at Synchronoss Technologies

Over the last 13 years, insiders at Synchronoss Technologies have traded over $162,222,846 worth of Synchronoss Technologies stock and bought 1,704,883 units worth $25,257,217 . The most active insider traders include Stephen G Waldis, James M Mc Cormick, and Private Holdings I, Llc Sil…. On average, Synchronoss Technologies executives and independent directors trade stock every 5 days with the average trade being worth of $43,706. The most recent stock trade was executed by Mary P Clark on 16 August 2019, trading 4,500 units of SNCR stock currently worth $37,935.

What does Synchronoss Technologies do?

Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. engages in the provision of cloud and enterprise solutions It offers software-based activation for connected devices globally. Its platform includes cloud home, personal cloud content transfer, and out-of-box experience; advance messaging and email suite; journey creation and advisor, digital coach, digital portal, and activation; internet-of-things, and smart buildings. The company was founded by James M. McCormick and Stephen G. Waldis in December 2000 and is headquartered in Bridgewater, NJ.

What does Synchronoss Technologies’s logo look like?

Synchronoss Technologies executives and stock owners

Synchronoss Technologies executives and other stock owners filed with the SEC include:

  • Glenn Lurie, President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
  • David Clark, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mary Clark, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Products Officer
  • Ronald Prague, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
  • Patrick Doran, Chief Technology Officer
  • Jeffrey Miller, Chief Commercial Officer
  • Thomas Hopkins, Independent Director
  • Stephen Waldis, Executive Chairman of the Board
  • William Cadogan, Independent Director
  • Robert Aquilina, Independent Director
  • Peter Berger, Independent Director
  • Frank Baker, Independent Director
  • Kristin Rinne, Independent Director
  • Laurie Harris, Independent Director
  • Mohanbir Gyani, Independent Director
  • Kevin Hunsaker, Chief People Officer
  • Private Holdings I, Llc Sil…,
  • Ronald W Hovsepian, Chief Executive Officer
  • James M Mc Cormick, Director
  • John Wilbert Frederick, Chief Financial Officer
  • Lawrence R. Irving, CFO
  • Donnie Moore, Director
  • David Schuette, EVP
  • Robert Garcia, Executive Vice Pres.
  • Karen Rosenberger, EVP & Chief Financial Officer
  • Private Holdings I, Llc Sil…,
  • Chris Halbard, EVP, International
  • Charles E Hoffman, Director
  • Nicholas P Lazzaro, EVP & President of No. Americ
  • Christopher Putnam, Executive Vice Pres.
  • Paula J Hilbert, Executive Vice President
  • Venture Partners Xi Lpinsti…,
  • Venture Partners Xii Lpfoge…,
  • Venture Partners Xii Lp Ins…,
  • Omar Tellez, Executive Vice President
  • Venture Partners Xi Lpinsti…,
  • Robert Sean Parkinson, President International Ops.
  • Scott Yaphe, Director
  • Ventures Vi L Pgrayson Brun…,
  • Ventures Vi L P Calvert Cap…,
  • Capital Associates Iv Llc R…,
  • Ventures Vi L P Burgess R W…,