Dmitri Stockton Net Worth

Dmitri Stockton biography

Dmitri L. Stockton is Independent Director of the Company. He is the former Senior Vice President & Special Advisor to the Chairman of General Electric Company, a global infrastructure and technology conglomerate. He held that position from July 2016 to March 2017. He served as Chairman, President, & Chief Executive Officer of GE Asset Management Incorporated, a global asset management company, and Senior Vice President of General Electric Company from May 2011 to December 2016. Mr. Stockton previously served as President & Chief Executive Officer of GE Capital Global Banking and Senior Vice President of General Electric Company based in London, President & Chief Executive Officer of GE Consumer Finance, Central & Eastern Europe, and Vice President of General Electric Company.

What is the salary of Dmitri Stockton?

As the Independent Director of Target, the total compensation of Dmitri Stockton at Target is $306,686. There are 8 executives at Target getting paid more, with Brian Cornell having the highest compensation of $17,204,100.

How old is Dmitri Stockton?

Dmitri Stockton is 55, he’s been the Independent Director of Target since 2018. There are 12 older and 8 younger executives at Target. The oldest executive at Target Corp. is Calvin Darden, 69, who is the Independent Director.

What’s Dmitri Stockton’s mailing address?

Dmitri’s mailing address filed with the SEC is 1000 STANLEY DRIVE, , NEW BRITAIN, CT, 06053.

Insider trading at Target

Over the last 16 years, insiders at Target have traded over $103,872,475 worth of Target stock and bought 44,050 units worth $2,694,202 . The most active insider traders include Douglas M Jr Baker, George S Barrett, and Anne M Mulcahy. On average, Target executives and independent directors trade stock every 22 days with the average trade being worth of $2,849,343. The most recent stock trade was executed by Don H Liu on 8 October 2019, trading 2,000 units of TGT stock currently worth $220,000.

What does Target do?

Target Corp. engages in owning and operating of general merchandise stores. It offers curated general merchandise and food assortments including perishables, dry grocery, dairy, and frozen items. The company was founded by George Draper Dayton in 1902 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

What does Target’s logo look like?

Target executives and stock owners

Target executives and other stock owners filed with the SEC include:

  • Brian Cornell, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
  • John Mulligan, Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President
  • Michael McNamara, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer
  • Mark Tritton, Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer
  • Don Liu, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal & Risk Officer, Corporate Secretary
  • Janna Potts, Executive Vice President, Chief Stores Officer
  • Douglas Baker, Lead Independent Director
  • Robert Edwards, Independent Director
  • Dmitri Stockton, Independent Director
  • Roxanne Austin, Independent Director
  • Kenneth Salazar, Independent Director
  • Mary Minnick, Independent Director
  • Monica Lozano, Independent Director
  • Donald Knauss, Independent Director
  • Melanie Healey, Independent Director
  • Henrique de Castro, Independent Director
  • Calvin Darden, Independent Director
  • George Barrett, Independent Director
  • Laysha Ward, Executive Vice President, Chief External Engagement Officer
  • Minsok Pak, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
  • Stephanie Lundquist, Executive Vice President, President, Food & Beverage
  • Rick Gomez, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer
  • Michael J Fiddelke, Executive Officer
  • Richard H. Gomez, Executive Officer
  • Robert M Harrison, Chief Accounting Officer
  • Jason Goldberger, Executive Officer
  • Hourigan Rice Jacqueline, Executive Officer
  • Anne M Mulcahy, Director
  • Derica W Rice, Director
  • Cathy R Smith, Executive Officer
  • L. Carl Casey, Executive Officer
  • Solomon D Trujillo, Director
  • Jeffrey J Ii Jones, Executive Officer
  • Kathryn A Tesija, Executive Officer
  • Jodee A Kozlak, Executive Officer
  • Melissa K Kremer, Executive Officer
  • Gregg W Steinhafel, Executive Officer
  • James A /Dc/ Johnson, Director
  • Beth M Jacob, Executive Officer
  • John G Stumpf, Director
  • Tina M Schiel, Executive Officer
  • Douglas A Scovanner, executive officer
  • Timothy R Baer, Executive Officer
  • John D Griffith, Executive Officer
  • Anthony S. Fisher, Executive Officer
  • Stephen W Sanger, Director
  • Mary N Dillon, Director
  • Terrence J Scully, Executive Officer
  • Robert P Derodes, Executive Officer
  • Richard M Kovacevich, Director
  • Troy H Risch, Executive officer
  • Michael Francis, Executive Officer
  • Robert J Ulrich, Executive Officer
  • George W Tamke, Director
  • Janet M Schalk, Executive Officer
  • William W George, Director
  • Gerald L Storch, Executive Officer
  • Paul Singer, Executive Officer
  • Ertugrul Tuzcu, Executive Officer
  • Todd Blackwell, Executive Officer
  • Diane L Neal, Executive Officer
  • Linda L Ahlers, Executive Officer
  • Luis A Padilla, Executive Officer
  • Warren R Staley, Director
  • Bart Butzer, Executive Officer
  • Elizabeth Hoffman, Director
  • Michele J Hooper, Director
  • Roger A Enrico, Director
  • James T Hale, Executive Officer