Patrick Sayer Net Worth

Patrick Sayer biography

Patrick G. Sayer has been appointed as an Independent Director of Tech Data Corp. Mr. Sayer has served as Chief Executive Officer of Eurazeo SA, one of Europe’s leading publicly-held investment companies with more than 5 billion euros in assets. Previously, Mr. Sayer spent 20 years at Lazard, an international financial advisory and asset management firm, where he last served as managing director and head of Lazard’s Technology and Media group. Mr. Sayer has served as chairman of the Executive Board of Eurazeo since 2002, and serves on the Boards of Eurazeo portfolio companies Accor SA (4.28% owned by Eurazeo), ANF Immobilier (50.48% owned by Eurazeo) and Europcar Groupe (41.43% owned by Eurazeo). He also previously served as a member of the Board of Rexel SA (a former Eurazeo affiliate). He is a judge at the Paris Court of Commerce. Mr. Sayer is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Mines de Paris. Mr. Sayer has a French Financial Analyst Degree and serves as a professor of finance at Dauphine University in Paris. Mr. Sayer is well qualified to serve as a member of the Company’s Board. His extensive international business and finance experience allow Mr. Sayer to provide value related to finance and international operations, with a focus on European markets.

What is the salary of Patrick Sayer?

As the Independent Director of Tech Data, the total compensation of Patrick Sayer at Tech Data is $231,050. There are 13 executives at Tech Data getting paid more, with Robert Dutkowsky having the highest compensation of $7,337,310.

How old is Patrick Sayer?

Patrick Sayer is 61, he’s been the Independent Director of Tech Data since 2012. There are 7 older and 11 younger executives at Tech Data. The oldest executive at Tech Data Corp. is Charles Adair, 71, who is the Lead Independent Director.

What’s Patrick Sayer’s mailing address?

Patrick’s mailing address filed with the SEC is 5350 TECH DATA DRIVE, , CLEARWATER, FL, 33760.

Insider trading at Tech Data

Over the last 16 years, insiders at Tech Data have traded over $90,659,109 worth of Tech Data stock. The most active insider traders include James M Cracchiolo, Steven A Raymund, and Kenneth T Lamneck. On average, Tech Data executives and independent directors trade stock every 16 days with the average trade being worth of $1,959,418. The most recent stock trade was executed by Michael Rabinovitch on 9 October 2019, trading 349 units of TECD stock currently worth $36,593.

What does Tech Data do?

Tech Data Corp. engages in the distribution of information technology products, services, and solutions. Its services include logistics and warehousing, supply chain, technical, marketing, and product life cycle management. It operates through the following geographical segments: Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The firm’s products include systems, consumer electronics, components and accessories, printers and scanners, software, and office supplies. The company was founded by Edward C. Raymond in 1974 and is headquartered in Clearwater, FL.

What does Tech Data’s logo look like?

Tech Data executives and stock owners

Tech Data executives and other stock owners filed with the SEC include:

  • Robert Dutkowsky, Executive Chairman of the Board
  • Richard Hume, Chief Executive Officer, Director
  • Charles Dannewitz, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President
  • Joseph Quaglia, President – Americas
  • Patrick Zammit, President – Europe
  • David Vetter, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer
  • John Tonnison, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer
  • Harry Harczak, Independent Director
  • Charles Adair, Lead Independent Director
  • Thomas Morgan, Independent Director
  • Kathleen Misunas, Independent Director
  • Bridgette Heller, Independent Director
  • Karen Dahut, Independent Director
  • Savio Tung, Independent Director
  • Patrick Sayer, Independent Director
  • Michael Rabinovitch, Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer, Controller
  • Beth Simonetti, Chief Human Resource Officer, Executive Vice President
  • Alain Amsellem, Regional Senior Vice President
  • Jeffrey Louis Taylor, SVP, Corporate Controller
  • Kathy Misunas, Director
  • Nestor Cano, President, Worldwide
  • Maximilian Ardelt, Director
  • Murray N Wright, President, the Americas
  • Jeffery P Howells, Executive Vice President
  • Joseph A Osbourn, Executive Vice President and
  • David M Upton, Director
  • Steven A Raymund, Chairman of Board of Directors
  • John Y Williams, Director
  • Joseph B Trepani, Senior Vice President and
  • Kenneth T Lamneck, President, The Americas
  • Andrew Gass, Senior Vice President
  • William K Jr Todd, Senior Vice President of
  • Jones Richard Pryor, Sr Vice President & MD – Azlan
  • Elio Levy, Senior Vice President
  • Sharon P Nadeau, Senior Vice President
  • Michael E Zava, SVP US Credit Services
  • Andreas Duerst, Senior Vice President
  • Robert Omalley, SVP of US Marketing
  • Benjamin B Godwin, Corporate Vice President-
  • Lawrence W Hamilton, Senior Vice President of Human
  • Thomas F Huber, Regional SVP – Central Europe
  • Arthur W Singleton,
  • William J Hunter, Senior Vice President & CFO
  • Gerard F Youna, Senior Vice President
  • Thomas J Ducatelli, SVP, US Sales
  • James M Cracchiolo, Director
  • Lisa G Thibodeau, Senior Vice President of U.S.
  • Theresa A Bazzone, Senior Vice President of
  • Graeme Watt, President of Europe
  • Peter Bertram,
  • Patrick O Connelly, Senior Vice President of
  • Yuda Saydun, Senior Vice President and